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Brut Worm Farms

Over time soil can be depleted of minerals and nutrients needed for healthy plants.  Chemical fertilizers can provide a quick boost but don’t provide long term benefits.  Brut Super Soil is formulated to help tired soil get healthy, and healthy soil become great.

Brut Super Soil has been professionally developed to have the minerals your plants need and the biology to get it to them.

Soil Biology – People have bacteria and microbes in our stomachs which break down our food so our bodies can consume the vitamins and minerals. Plants don’t have a gut like us. They need bacteria and microbes to exist in the soil. Brut Super Soil contains worm castings and other ingredients which have robust, beneficial microbial life.

Mineral Balance – Many soils are lacking in one or more important minerals which limits the plant's ability to grow to its full potential. Brut Super Soil has been tested and balanced to have the minerals your plants need.

Brut Super Soil is designed to be everything your plants need to thrive right out of the bag.

Because it is loaded with living beneficial microbes, avoid watering with chlorinated tap water right from the tap.  If other water is not available, let chlorinated tap water sit out for 24 hours so the chlorine can dissipate.

Brut Super Soil can be used for:

1.               Vegetables and Herbs

2.               Annuals and Perennials

3.               Raised or In-Ground Beds

4.               Pots and Containers

5.               Exotic Plants

6.               Cannabis

1. Brut Reed Sedge Peat – Comes from a peat bog two miles from the Brut Worm Farm and has never been farmed so there are no residual chemicals.  Rich, dark, and high in organic matter.

2. Mycorrhizal Fungi –Promotes root development and growth which will benefit the plant through its entire life cycle.

3. Pumice – Improves drainage and provides air space in the soil.  

4. Brut Worm Castings – Of course the best soil needs the best worm castings.  Brut Worm Castings are chock full of beneficial microbial life and provide a natural boost to the soil.

5. Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss – Lowers pH and improves structure

6. Silt and Clay to improve water retention and soil structure

7. Diverse Inputs of Trace Minerals

a. Azomite – One of the most common sources of trace minerals.  Popular because it works.

b. Granite Dust – Source of rare trace minerals.  As far as we know, this is unique to Brut Super Soil.

c. Calphos – An excellent source of phosphate and trace minerals.

d. Kelp – Important minerals not normally found in many garden soils.

Fresh, Dark, Rich, Pure

Fresh, Dark, Rich, Pure

All Natural

All Natural

Family Owned

Family Owned

Consistant Quality

Consistant Quality

Direct To Roots

The nutrient- and mineral-dense worm castings are an eco-system of beneficial microbial life. These enzymes and bacterium keep your soil fertile and deliver essential nutrients such as, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Sulfide, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous, directly to the roots of your plants, helping them flourish! Explore more about our microbial bio-diversity and benefits of using Brut Worm Castings in organic gardening here.

premium super soil for sale | 30 lbs. free shipping
  • Brut Super Soil has everything you would put into your own perfect blend of soil including worm castings and composted chicken manure.
  • Loaded with beneficial microbial life to enable your plants to get to the minerals and nutrients.
  • All the ingredients come from our local sources. No mystery compost or other questionable ingredients.
  • Taste food the way it was meant to taste when it comes from good soil.
premium super soil for sale | 30 lbs. free shipping