Worm Castings

Worm castings, organic soil enhancers

Why Worm Castings?

The earthworm is nature’s ultimate composting machine. Not only does it compost organic material, it is done in an ideal environment and increases the population of microbial life. 

Why Brut Worm Castings?

 · 100% Organic – OMRI Listed

· Promotes beneficial microbial life in the soil.

· Microbial life improves a plant’s ability to take up nutrients.

· Castings are made of absorbent organic matter, retaining water and make it available to the roots.

· Worm castings contain a uniform mix of nutrients and trace elements in simple form so the plants can easily obtain them.

· The beneficial microbes do not contain disease carrying microbes.

Brut Farms Technology White Paper

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