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Brut Worm Farms
Brut Worm Farms


Your plants will thrive with Brut Worm Farms Premium Worm Castings and Super Soil! Designed for truly natural gardening, our earthworm castings are dark, rich, pure, and high in beneficial microbes, bacteria, and organic matter--boosting and providing long-term nourishment to your plants’ soil.

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Healthy, Happy Plants

Teeming with beneficial microbes, non-toxic, and odor-free, our soil builder and super soil are perfectly suited for indoors or outdoors. An excellent, natural enricher for all plants, including houseplants, flowers, vegetables, and more!

Natural Gardening, Made Better

Without minerals, plant growth becomes stunted. Brut will make your garden flourish. Pure castings and composted chicken manure -- cured to kill pathogens, naturally deliver rich mineral deposits direct to your plant's roots.

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Seriously Farm-Raised

We take our worms seriously, raising the worms ourselves, indoors, on our farm in Minnesota. Unlike other competitors, we don't outsource production so you can avoid sand, sticks, and other things that don't belong in a premium worm castings and soil products.

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100% pure grade a organic
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